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Family cottage construction project

Family Guest Cottage Construction Project

After completing construction of the first children’s home inside the Casa Esperanza of Angels orphanage facility in Tanjay City, Philippines, our focus will shift to the construction of the family guest cottage that’s crucial to start operations on the facility. This is the project tracking page for the proposed family cottage construction project.

The family cottage will be used as temporary residence of Casa Esperanza of Angels Managing Director Ron Brown and his wife, Gigi, the orphanage’s Activities Director. It will also serve as the temporary administrative center of the facility as the other structure, the first children’s home, will be used exclusively for the children and their house parents.

Project Status: NOT YET STARTED
Start Date: After construction of first children’s home
Estimated cost: $50,000


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Donation Total: $50

As of today (6/7/2017), there are still no funds specifically earmarked for the construction of the family cottage. This building is very important to start operations of the facility, as Ron Brown explained: “The construction of the family cottage is contingent on availability of funding which is in direct correlation to donations. We currently lack funding for the construction of the family cottage that will serve as a temporary residence for my wife and me and the administrative offices.”

The Casa Esperanza of Angels orphan care facility is scheduled to start operations late this year or early next year but that is only possible once the family cottage is completed. We need your assistance to make this happen.

In the future, when the managing director’s residence and administrative offices are built, the family cottage will serve a guest house for visiting friends and supporters of Casa Esperanza of Angels Philippine Mission.