Groundbreaking Ceremony Prayer

Groundbreaking Ceremony Prayer

Date: 24 Feb, 2017  No Comments

This was the prayer read by CEA Communications Director Emmanuel Gonot during the groundbreaking rites at the Casa Esperanza of Angels orphanage facility in Tanjay City on Friday, February 24, 2017.

Our Father in Heaven, we are gathered here today to celebrate a new beginning in this groundbreaking ceremony for the Casa Esperanza of Angels orphanage facility in Tanjay City.

We thank you, Lord, for all our friends and guests who are with us today to grace this occasion. We thank you for guiding Brother Ron and Sister Georgia to do their mission and humanitarian work in our city. We thank you for helping and guiding everyone at Casa Esperanza of Angels who worked hard for the last three years to bring us to this important milestone.

We recognize, Dear Father, that we are nothing and that nothing can be accomplished without your help and guidance and so we ask you to bless and lead us today so that the construction of not just the children’s home but of the entire facility can proceed and be completed rapidly.

We ask you, Loving Father, to bless everyone who is here with us today, our friends and family and the pillars of this community, so that each one will continue in the work of fostering and nurturing not just orphans and widows as you command but everyone, all the children of our community.

We pray, Dear Lord, that you continue to shower your blessings upon our donors and supporters who have generously contributed to Casa Esperanza of Angels. They have proven themselves to be faithful servants and responsible stewards of the financial resources you have placed at their disposal.

Bless, our volunteers, Father. May they never lose their passion and enthusiasm to serve others.
Finally, we ask you to bless Brother Ron and Sister Georgia and everyone at Casa Esperanza of Angels. Give them your strength and guidance so they can continue the work of sheltering and caring for orphans, abused or abandoned children, and children in dire circumstances.

We ask and pray for all of these, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.