"our target timeframe for this building is three months."

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Architect Rainier Garcia Groundbreaking Ceremony Interview

Date: 24 Feb, 2017  No Comments

Full transcript of our interview (watch video below) with Architect Rainier Garcia who designed the Casa Esperanza of Angels Orphanage facility (layout and structures), during the groundbreaking ceremony for the first of four children’s homes planned inside the orphanage, last February 24, 2017.

Today, we’ll be having the groundbreaking ceremony for this project.

This is the groundbreaking for the first house, the children’s house number one. Hopefully, this is the official groundbreaking for all the structural buildings here inside the site.

So, this is the location of the children’s house. We have the building permit already. This was issued last February 16, 2017.

Architect Rainier Garcia Quotes

We targeted the date for the, I mean, our timeframe, our target timeframe is three months because the client is really in a hurry for the project. Hopefully we can get it done within three months.

Our initial plan was to make the first the first children’s house and then if any funds would come in… It depends really on the number of children that will be taken in later on, if there are many children, then we can add more children’s houses.

We can go for some cottages, we need some structures for some visitors or [visiting] donors in the future. It really depends on the client.