“The city government of Tanjay will be helping.”

Vice-Mayor Jovencio Bumanglag Groundbreaking Interview

Tanjay City Vice-Mayor Jovencio Bumanglag Groundbreaking Ceremony Interview

Date: 25 Feb, 2017  No Comments

Full transcript of our interview (watch video below) with Dr. Jovencio Bumanglag, Vice-Mayor of Tanjay City, during the groundbreaking ceremony for the first of four children’s homes planned inside the orphanage, last February 24, 2017.

DR. JOVENCIO BUMANGLAG: Casa Esperanza of Angels will be a big help to our brothers and sisters in Tanjay City. Not just Tanjayanons will benefit but also the nearby municipalities and cities like Pamplona, Bais City, maybe even Amlan.

This is for the children who have lost their parents.

So, these orphans will be helped by Casa Esperanza of Angels with regards to their education, in their moral values, basically for their future.

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Not only for that matter, but also it will be a great help to the DSWD here in Tanjay City because they will have a partner.

The presence of people who are now successful here in Tanjay City, well-off citizens who have worked abroad and have acquired assets can possibly help the Casa Esperanza of Angels Foundation.

At the same time, the city government of Tanjay will be helping. This is a good project. So, whether we like it or not, the LGU of Tanjay City will really help promote this project, do what we really need to do.

All they have to is to register with the city government. This project should be registered with the local city government of the City of Tanjay for us to legalize help, for us to really be able to help. Anything that can be coursed through the city, help from the national government can be extended to Casa Esperanza of Angels.