First Casa Esperanza of Angels Donors and Supporters Survey

casa esperanza of angels donors survey

CEA Donors & Supporters Communications Survey

Date: 28 Oct, 2017  No Comments

Dear Friends & Supporters of Casa Esperanza of Angels – Philippine Mission,

As you know, we’ve created a survey a couple of weeks ago in order to learn more about the people who support our mission so that we may improve our overall communications with you and be able to create content that will attract other supporters to our work to save orphans in the Philippines.

CEA Donors & Supporters Survey

We would like to thank everyone who have graciously shared ten minutes of their time to complete the survey. Your responses provide us with invaluable insight as to how to craft content that are reflective of your preferences. We’ll be taking down the survey and tabulate the responses in the next few days, if you haven’t responded to the survey yet, there’s still time this weekend.

CEA Donors & Supporters Survey

Thank you once again for your continued support of Casa Esperanza of Angels and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions as we continue to bring you content and updates based on your responses.


Ron & Gigi Brown

PS. The survey will be turned off within 5 days, if you want to help us improve our communications and become a better charity mission for orphans in the Philippines, please take a few minutes of your time this weekend to answer the survey. Thank you! Here’s the link once again:

CEA Donors & Supporters Survey

Here’s the opening message on our survey page:

Casa Esperanza of Angels Supporters’ Survey

Welcome to all supporters of the Casa Esperanza of Angels – Philippine Mission Project!

Your responses to this survey are very important to us. Our purpose is to learn more about the generous people who support the Casa Esperanza of Angels Philippine Mission project.

You may choose not to answer some of the questions but we hope you will provide a response to each of these questions. Your answers will remain anonymous and strictly confidential.

We trust that with the responses we gather here, we’ll be able to improve our communications with existing donors. We also aim to design content and programs based on these responses that are appealing and compelling for other potential donors and supporters of our mission.

There are 22 questions in this survey.